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#SienaFrancigena: urban trekking in the footsteps of the pilgrims of the past


Twenty-two occasions to step into the 'role' of the pilgrims of the past and follow the stretch  of the Via Francigena in the city of Siena, from Porta Camollia to Porta Romana, including a visit to one of the eldest hospital in Europe: Santa Maria della Scala. This is the essence of the project #SienaFrancigena, urban trekking which will take place every Sunday, from June to November 1 and will unfold in the historic center of the city, discovering some of the most fascinating and least known parts of the city of the Palio, accompanied by a qualified guide.


About #SienaFrancigena: #SienaFrancigena is a project of the City of Siena. The tour will last for roughly 3 hours and covers 4 kilometers inside the city walls. The cost of the ticket, including the guide, entrance to Santa Maria della Scala and the '' Pilgrim’s Bisaccia' is 20 euro (10 euro for children under 11 years). Reservations can be made through TEXI, By calling 0577- 530038 e 392.1212784 or by email to info@texi.travel .